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Hold That Pose – or Forget It

Some couples seem to feel the need to turn their wedding into a show. They’re not content with the day being special in itself, and surely by its nature memorable, so they seek out ways to make a dramatic mark. It can work. But sometimes it doesn’t, and one of the most frequent fails in this regard is the photos.

Granted many or most of us now would be disappointed by a wedding album that looked like the one our parents have, but in slightly different clothes (or not if it’s full white dress and tails). But good professional photographers with a contemporary approach will get you over that one, so you don’t need to rely on adding the weird, whacky or downright dangerous to your shots.

We’ve come across a lot of examples in recent times of those who from over-enthusiasm, bad taste, bad luck or possibly a glass of fizz too many have done frankly daft things in their photos. And yes, many of them are American, though it has to be said the Russians deserve an honourable mention, maybe according some the status of state sponsored dopes.

Poses that should never have been attempted (at least in our humble opinion) have included couples holding guns (unless it’s a shotgun wedding they’ve no place in the day), and posing astride a tractor, and not an especially nice tractor either. One that we remember all too clearly, however hard we try, was of a bride on the toilet – ah, the romance. File them, charitably, under ‘it seemed like a laugh at the time.’

Another section that can be lumped together as ‘careful, this could go viral,’ includes far too many images of brides having their bums (or worse their boobs) grabbed; what can politely be termed mock sexual acts; and sexual acts that plainly are not mock. The (tastefully cheeky) garter shot is a classic, go for it, but don’t go over the line – sliding the dress down to reveal the girls in all their glory is not perhaps so wise. Likewise the groom and best man kissing as the bride looks on less than totally amused.

Where you have the pictures taken is another potential minefield, by which we are definitely not suggesting you pose in a minefield. This site has lots of venues by the water – rivers, lakes, the sea – and they are lovely, providing fabulous backgrounds for photos if used intelligently. It’s when intelligence seemingly goes out the window that you have to worry: take for example the couple who decided, or were persuaded, that posing by a stormy seafront was cool. Cool? It proved freezing when a (not very great) surprise wave crashed over them. We wonder about how even had it not (inevitably) gone wrong, the video of a bride on a fake unicorn would have looked. It did go wrong, of course. She looked angry, upset, and very, very wet. And the world saw the result of a bridal party on a lake pier that didn’t take their weight.

You will look great on your wedding day, and with a good photographer your pictures will draw you back to jog happy memories for a lifetime. So don’t feel you have to come up with never-before-seen poses or places. A last tip: unlike one Chinese bride, don’t be tempted to pose standing atop narrow steel railings – let’s just say she didn’t land with both feet on one side of it. Ouch.

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