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What to Give to Children to Keep Them Happy on Your Big Day

Weddings are, by nature, quite boring for children. Thereís a long drawn out ceremony where they must be quiet, some travelling and then a reception where they must sit through speeches. By the time they can move and play, the adults are generally drunk or lazy, weddings really arenít a childís idea of fun.

You can change that though, because if you keep the children happy, the parents will remember the day as the best wedding theyíve ever attended. If the children tantrum, play up and are difficult to handle, theyíll remember the stress and the turmoil. Of course, you canít be responsible for little Timmy who never behaves no matter if heís at a childrenís birthday party or celebrating Christmas. You can make the day of other children though, who are happy to share your day, they just donít understand why they have to be so quiet to do so!

Think of the Wedding Like a Car Journey

A good tip to use is to think of the wedding like a car journey. During a long car journey, a child must sit (relatively still) for a long time and have minimum objects to play with. What do parents do to keep their children entertained, so they can drive without distractions? The answers to that will help you organise good, time killing treats for children.

They include:

It may seem like a little overkill to offer TV or music to children at a wedding but they really donít get those speeches! Consider a portable DVD player or two, with plenty of headphone sockets, a childrenís table or area, and a bridesmaid to help.

Colouring Books and Pens
Crayons and pencils are generally best if providing colouring tools for children, as felt tips can create havoc with the furniture at a wedding breakfast. All you need are a colouring pages printed from the computer, and a cup full of pencils, so they can get busy while the grown ups talk. You could even ask the children to draw a picture of the bride and groom, and keep the pictures safe. Theyíll be excellent mementos to look back on.

Snacks can be great for helping children pass the time, while a hungry toddler is friends with no one. The wedding breakfast can see to take a long time to arrive, so if you want to quell tummy rumbles itís best to provide some snacks. You may want to avoid crunchy snacks or those that make a lot of mess. Consider healthy raisins, or even treats instead.

Splash Out
A popular trend at weddings right now is to hire a babysitter for the day, a person who is very good with children. It may see like an expense, but on top of all the other wedding charges, itís really not a lot. You can ensure thereís someone there to play with the children outside if they become too restless.

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