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Shoes for the Bride

Everyone asks the bride-to-be about her dress. Few mention shoes. They should, as the right shoes are great for your look, how you feel about yourself, and for avoiding the protracted agony that ill-fitting, poorly made, unprepared footwear can bring. Be warned.
The shoe thing starts early for very practical reasons.... more

Your Wedding for a Happy Marriage

Helpful ‘friends’ will point out as you approach the big day that a good percentage of marriages don’t make it. How considerate. With that unhappy stat in mind, however, we’d like to make a few suggestions about what you can do on your wedding day (and in preparing for it)... more

The Literary Wedding

It is generally the purpose of these posts to offer tips and suggestions about planning your wedding and how to make the best of things. A look at weddings in literature, however, tends rather to the ‘how not to do it’ school, though that’s instructive too.

Take Lorna Doone.... more

Asian Wedding Style

As the world’s populations mix, meet and mingle elements we borrow from different wedding traditions. In what many would consider the normal British wedding you’ll already find things borrowed from US customs – the ring bearer and flower girl are far more typically American for example.

That cross-fertilisation... more

The Great British Marquee Wedding

Ask a Hollywood director what a British wedding entails and we’re pretty sure that the description would include firstly a building of some antiquity; second, outside it a magnificent lawn (not to boast, but we do them better than anyone else); third a vast white marquee upon the greensward. If... more

Humour is Precious at Weddings

The best speech I ever heard at a wedding was filled with humour. The worst speech I ever heard at a wedding was supposed to be filled with humour. The difference between them was that one guy had funny bones/it/timing, the other didn’t. He died on his rear end and... more

The Wedding Meal

Is it a wedding breakfast, simply a wedding meal, ‘the reception’ or even a wedding feast? Different people have different ideas, producing at times a recipe as it were for dissention if the views of various parties do not coincide.

Given you are celebrating your wedding, however, it... more

Valentine’s Day Proposals

Romance has little logic at times, and the reasons for St Valentine’s Day being accepted as particularly romantic – the most romantic day in the calendar indeed – are far from straightforward. Martyrdom is involved, as are Chaucer, death row messages and officiating at forbidden marriages, all there in a... more

Happy First Anniversary

Like it or not the way couples celebrate their first anniversary sets a standard. An acquaintance, though reminded to do so, refused to buy flowers on the basis his wife would expect it thereafter. They are no longer married. We’re not suggesting that every anniversary should be a big production,... more

Ushers – Vital but Overlooked

We’ve heard ushers described, rather disparagingly, as wedding traffic wardens. It actually fits quite nicely, given they keep traffic moving in the church and afterwards, make sure people park themselves in the right places ditto, and rarely get a word of praise for doing a necessary job.

There’s... more

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