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A Spring Wedding

Spring is the time of new beginnings, so marrying then seems particularly appropriate. Strangely, however, the majority of couples still opt for the Summer do – though May is claimed for both seasons. All the better for those choosing to tie the knot between March and May, as the best... more

The Photographer’s Tale

When you are panicking about the first dance, spare a thought for the photographer. You will have your new husband to lean on. The snapper has to look calm while at the back of the brain is the inescapably awful thought – what if it goes all wrong? There is... more

New Year’s Eve Weddings – That’s a Party Then

Not every wedding takes place in summer. Winter weddings, covered elsewhere in this section, can be pretty special. A New Year’s Eve wedding takes it several steps further.
First some practicalities have to be mentioned – then we get to the good stuff.

As you’ll maybe have noticed,... more

Waste Not Want Not – Re-Use Wedding Stuff

There are ways to have a very cheap wedding, but most big days end up costing a pretty penny. Thus getting some further value from wedding gear has got to be worth a moment’s reflection. For Better For Worse can kick-start the process with a few ideas, not all of... more

A Green Wedding

While most of the world’s population seems determined to waste the planets resources, a few brave souls make a stand for sustainability. Those who live their lives in this fashion will want their wedding to be as ecologically friendly as possible. A green wedding.

This requires a mindset from... more

Wedding Changes over Three Generations

Some things about weddings have stayed pretty much the same forever, or at least since say Victorian times: the white dress, bouquet, something-old-something-new... But changes – good and bad – have come in over the years. So how did your parents’ wedding in the 70s or 80s differ from what... more

How to Look Your Best for the Photos – the Groom

Contrary to rumours, the wedding is not all about the bride. She will maybe get three looks to every one for you, but that’s still a lot of scrutiny – and remember you’ll be the total focus during your speech. So we thought a few tips wouldn’t go amiss.

Wedding Speeches - What Not to Do

Elsewhere on this site we have a simple guide to who gets up to make a toast, the usual running order, and what’s generally included in each speech. It’s not difficult, though it is important – a really bad effort can sour the mood, spoil the day, and even end... more

Wedding Disasters & How to Avoid Them

They’re headlines local ‘papers dream of: ‘Wedding Brawl’; ‘Groom Burns Venue Down;’ and ‘Best Man Mugs DJ.’ Fun to read about, not to experience. So we thought some cautionary tales could be valuable, and help to put your own glitches in perspective. And we like to laugh at other people’s... more

Looking Your Best on the Big Day – The Bride

You dream of looking your best on your wedding day, but how to ensure this happens? We’ve a ton of tips.

The most important is be yourself. Don’t aim for an unattainable ideal. Your partner has fallen for you, not you after major surgery, a makeover and a diet... more

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