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Weddings in the Previous Age of Austerity

Since 2008 we’ve lived in an age of austerity. Contemporary government figures echo the words of post-war premier Clement Attlee: ‘I cannot say when we will emerge into easier times.’

Today again for many in Britain economic coping-strategies are important. Not everyone can afford the £20,000 bill said to be the... more

Tips on planning your wedding

Negative though it may seem we’d like to start with the two worst things to do when planning your wedding. They’re that important.

The first is doing everything yourself. Bad in so many ways. Your future husband has to be involved, or at some point he may think: ‘Am... more

Vintage Wedding Style

The big problem with vintage wedding style is what to exclude rather than what to include. Defining what ‘vintage’ actually means is a toughie, and there are no nice neat lines dividing in from out. There are plenty of crossovers too, say with the Bohemian wedding thing we explore elsewhere,... more

US v UK – Wedding Differences and Ideas

Thanks to the ubiquity of American sitcoms, and our love of their romcoms (even one in 20 of Jennifer Aniston’s), we get to see plenty of fictional American weddings. But have we noticed the differences between what they do and what our traditions dictate?

As Churchill said about the... more

The Full Highland Wedding Fling

Most of us have seen the big Highland event in Four Weddings and a Funeral – kilts, dancing, crowds of guests, torchlight procession and fabulous setting. Admittedly the hellish (fictional) marriage ended shortly afterwards, and one of the (similarly fictional) guests died, but still, it was a helluva bash.

Bohemian Wedding Style

Given the definition of Bohemian is pretty much not conforming to convention, guidelines for a Bohemian wedding would seem to be a contradiction in terms. If you are looking for a rule book you shouldn’t be thinking about Boho style.

That said, there are certain elements common to many... more

Weddings on a Shoestring

Not everyone has the cash (or the parents with the cash) to fund the full production wedding, from hand-made designer dress to honeymoon in Tahiti. But your big day doesn’t have to cost big bucks – check through this site for plenty of budget options, and consider a few of... more

Gifts the Bride and Groom Give

Weddings cost money, time and disruption for many of those participating and attending, not just for you and your parents. Gifts for some of those people can be a gesture of thanks for their efforts, but who, what, when and how?

Views vary on the etiquette of gift... more

The Bijou Wedding

Many brides (though fewer grooms) dream of the full production wedding: a veritable army of guests, grand ballroom party after a massive formal reception, all singing all dancing. Others for a variety of reasons long for something very intimate, maybe just the couple and the legally necessary witnesses. A bijou... more

Royal Weddings Aren’t Always Perfect

Worse things happen at royal weddings than Princess Beatrice’s ridiculous fascinator – part Teletubbies aerial, part toilet seat. And appallingly unflattering dress. And her sister Eugenie’s appalling dress. History is littered with far worse elements of such huge state occasions, so the rest of us need not feel quite so... more

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