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Wedding Parents from Hell

We have a whole article on what duties the parents of both bride and groom have to perform. It all sounds so very civilised. And if people – the happy couple as well as their mums and dads - behave considerately, so it is, though the occasional cross word is... more

Wedding Party Bags: An Alternative To Favours

Don’t fancy sticking to the traditional? Wedding favours are usually simple tokens, intended to thank your guests for their presence and act as a reminder of the day. If you’re planning a more offbeat event, a party bag is a fun alternative and gives you maximum flexibility for tailoring the... more

Cute, Kitsch or Cringe?

One bride’s cute is another’s cringe, and taste is a matter of, well, taste. What is an ideal for one couple could turn the next to stone. So for some what follows is for your interest and maybe amusement; for others it could just be a source of inspiration. more

Small Talk at Weddings

So, you find yourself sitting next to a perfect stranger and fated to remain thus for another couple of hours. As a wedding guest on a table with people you’ve never seen before this can and does happen. How do you not only survive but thrive in this situation? Smalltalk... more

Tech Takes Over

The world has changed hugely in terms of technology in the last two decades, so it should be no surprise that the wedding scene has been affected just as much as business and entertainment. The internet, computers, apps and plenty more besides can now play a part in your wedding.... more

They Got Married Where?

Nearly all of us who tie the knot do so in what could be considered the conventional way – in some religious building or other, or at the local registry office. All pretty solemn, and maybe for all the effort put into planning the thing not too very different from... more

Wedding Invitations – Etiquette, Pitfalls and Style

Once you have your guest list you can move on to invitations. This is not as easy as you may at first think.

Actually, if you are going to have yours specially printed, and your wedding is within the next four months, you may wish to order your... more

Autumn and Winter Weddings – Embrace the Difference

Surely everybody wants to get married in the traditional spring/summer wedding season? That’s just one reason to think about a colder weather big day. Actually it’s several: the best venues, bands, churches, and even friends are often booked a year or more in advance for June weddings. So marry in... more

Perilous Procrastination – Wedding Stuff People Put off Doing

Unless you have just started your bridal (groomal? – we guys don’t even get an adjective) journey you already know that weddings are complicated. There is a natural tendency to push certain decisions and tasks to one side, with potentially problematic consequences. As it is the most awkward elements that... more

The Engagement Party

It may not be anywhere near as exhausting as planning a wedding (you’ll see), but organising an engagement party still takes some thought, and there is the same potential to please or annoy your nearest and dearest.

One tip from the outset is to think about two parties,... more

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