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Guest Etiquette

We humble guests sitting near the back at the ceremony, or on table 11 (name them guys, don’t number – see our words of wisdom on guest lists) have our own role to play at the wedding. And a bad guest can take the shine off the day, or in... more

Wedding Guest Lists – Aaarghhh!

Bride and groom, if you think the big day is all about you then you haven’t made up the guest list yet. This is probably the single biggest cause of pre-wedding arguments, and not just between the otherwise happy couple, but with friends, parents, colleagues and family members you haven’t... more

Our Guide to Wedding Hats

At the outset we have to say that wedding hats are worn by gentlemen as well as ladies, though if sticking with the classic topper gents have it easy.

So ladies first. How to choose your hat? Or not, as the case may be – some brides let their... more

Wedding themes and ideas

Get Inspiration from These Nifty Wedding Ideas

A wedding is a special day and it makes good sense to try and make it perfect. This is why many people spend a lot of time and money to make the day worth remembering. If you’re tying the knot soon, choosing... more

Attention to Detail – the Personal Touch

It’s obvious, but your wedding is your day and should feature more of you than ‘I do’ and the first dance. There can be a danger of the big day becoming a big letdown if everything is done on automatic.

So how do you ensure that your wedding... more

Longest, Oldest, Most Expensive – Wedding Records

Oh! the weird world of wedding wecords as Jonathan Woss might (struggle to) say. WTF as a few more may think about some of the strange facts and figure associated with weddings and marriages.

Let’s begin at the ultimate – the longest lasting marriage. Because that is surely... more

Learning from Celebrity Marriage Failures

There are celebrity unions that work: Alfred Hitchcock’s lasted for more than half a century. But all too many are brief affairs, which is what they’d often have been better remaining. There’s plenty for the rest of us to learn from these car-crash couplings, though, along with enjoying a healthy... more

Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

We cover plenty of other wedding superstitions in another article in this section, but the old, new, borrowed and blue jingle is one that deserves special attention, or so we think.
Firstly, let’s get the thing right: the complete rhyme is: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and... more

The Wedding Trousseau

This may not be the thing that keeps the bride-to-be up at night (though in some ways it is intended to do that for the groom after the wedding, but more of that later), but it is yet another one of the tasks you should probably give a moment or... more

Honouring a Wedding Toast: Important Preparatory Guidelines

It is an honour to give a wedding toast to newlyweds, but it also takes big responsibility to prepare for one. It is your words that guests will raise their glass to, to give the newlyweds their best wishes. It is important to follow proper wedding etiquette when delivering your... more

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