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Tips for Honeymoon Heaven (and Avoiding Honeymoon Hell)

Even if like most modern couples you have lived together and holidayed together before, the honeymoon is still a trip that should be super-special. So we have a few ideas to help your planning (weddings have a fair bit of that), and to avoid joining your experiences to the list... more

They also Serve Who Stand and Wait – Bridesmaids, Maids of Honour, and Page

When you think about it the job of a bridesmaid, maid of honour or page boy is somewhat self-sacrificial. They have their duties, but the unspoken agreement is that they are in the background, the supporting cast at best and extras at worst. But they do it because of friendship,... more

Wedding Drinks

Among the myriad things to include in your wedding plans is the tricky question of drinks. You are unlikely to be spending the £1 million that Lakshmi Mittal reportedly lavished on wines for his daughter Vanisha’s wedding; nor to have the cellars of Buckingham Palace and Clarence House available to... more

Fashion Disasters

Most couples spend a lot of time planning their wedding (well, the bride does and the groom chips in every now and then), and naturally want everything to go well. And to look good of course. Sadly the wedding world is littered with the results of bad fashion decisions. To... more

Weird and Not Always Altogether Wonderful

Everyone wants his and her wedding day to be special. We have an article on that very topic. But some couples and - well, read on to find out – cross the borderline between special and downright weird. Think very carefully about following their lead (a word with two meanings... more

Some Trickier Aspects of the Modern Wedding

We tend to think that weddings are traditional affairs, and so in large part they are. But over the years much changes – as our article about the wedding dress explains, for instance, the white dress we so readily associate with the big day was popularised by Queen Victoria, prior... more

Wedding Speeches – Rules and Warnings!

Some people are more nervous about making a speech at the wedding breakfast than anything else to do with the big day – be that Dad spending a fortune on it, Best Man having to remember the ring, or Groom coping with a huge change to his (and your) life.... more

Music for the Ceremony

As with every aspect of a wedding, choosing the music for the church, registry office or whatever other venue you use repays a bit of planning. We hope the information that follows helps the process, and avoids nasty surprises!

The first thing to note is that with something... more

Get Me to the Church on Time

Unless you are just starting out on your planning journey you already know that weddings are complicated. That’s certainly the case with arranging wedding transport, a subject with more to it than you’d think, including (far from uniquely) the potential for upsetting people.

Two questions need to... more

The Proposal

There are no rules for the proposal, none of the strict(-ish) etiquette that applies to say the speeches at your wedding breakfast, but getting the proposal right is obviously desirable. We hope that these tips and tales help to set the tone – and avoid calamities!

First up is... more

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