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Wedding Speeches – Rules and Warnings!

Some people are more nervous about making a speech at the wedding breakfast than anything else to do with the big day – be that Dad spending a fortune on it, Best Man having to remember the ring, or Groom coping with a huge change to his (and your) life.... more

Music for the Ceremony

As with every aspect of a wedding, choosing the music for the church, registry office or whatever other venue you use repays a bit of planning. We hope the information that follows helps the process, and avoids nasty surprises!

The first thing to note is that with something... more

Get Me to the Church on Time

Unless you are just starting out on your planning journey you already know that weddings are complicated. That’s certainly the case with arranging wedding transport, a subject with more to it than you’d think, including (far from uniquely) the potential for upsetting people.

Two questions need to... more

The Proposal

There are no rules for the proposal, none of the strict(-ish) etiquette that applies to say the speeches at your wedding breakfast, but getting the proposal right is obviously desirable. We hope that these tips and tales help to set the tone – and avoid calamities!

First up is... more

No Need to Wait – Ladies’ Privilege on February 29

In these days of equality – or at least the promise of such – some women have the courage to propose to the men of their dreams at anytime during the year. The more reticent and traditional, waiting for the full down-on-one-knee-will-you-marry-me experience that for whatever reason hasn’t materialised yet,... more

Secrets of a Successful Evening Celebration

The ceremony and the reception are really all about the bride and groom, with everyone looking on and doing a bit of crying, and maybe the occasional speech at the meal. But the evening celebration is more about family and friends and keeping them amused – letting them celebrate... more

Celebrity Wedding Style

Surely nothing says true love better than an exclusive contract with a magazine and sponsorship deals on clothing and accessories. Well, maybe not. But you have to agree that tacky, false and often nausea inducing as some celeb weddings may be, they can also be entertaining – and maybe every... more

Wedding List Tips and Customs

Wedding gifts probably predate weddings, crazy though that sounds. When that nice cave-girl-next-door set up home with Mr and Mrs Ug’s young lad, the rest of the tribe doubtless gave them gifts of stone tools, skins, and some dried food. Inevitably the happy couple would end up saying thanks for... more

Tales from the Stag Night

A stag night can be a good time had by all, or a disaster with lasting repercussions. Occasionally both. The groom may spend more time worrying about – and planning – his ‘last night of freedom’ than the wedding itself, though in his defence that may not be all his... more

The Secrets of the Bridal Bouquet

You’ve been to weddings and seen the bridal bouquet, and probably never thought anything more about it than either ‘That’s pretty’ or ‘What was she thinking?’ Now it’s your own big day there are a few things to bear in mind when selecting the flowers you’ll be clutching as you... more

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