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Ghosts at the Feast (and in Church, on Honeymoon....)

Firstly we have to say don’t believe in ghosts; secondly, the ghosts we don’t believe in still scare us. Whatever your stance on the supernatural, we hope these wedding-related stories of the haunted, the hunted and the hopeless will give you some food for thought – like how to avoid... more

Tales from the Hen Night

We’ve all seen them staggering down the streets: L-Plated and veiled bride-to-be, her companions in t-shirts emblazoned with their names or suggestive slogans. There are plenty more hen parties that go largely unobserved, quieter or at least more discreet affairs. Both varieties have provided plenty of gossip and stories... more

Wedding Foods around the World

However sophisticated and modern your wedding may be, it almost certainly contains moments of symbolism that in some cases are links with ceremonies going back scores of generations. Elsewhere we have written about the wider superstitions associated with weddings, here let’s look at what wedding foods mean, not just in... more

Secret, Public, Proxy, Scandal: Royal Weddings Through History

The recent wedding of Prince William and the then Kate Middleton was watched on television in Britain by 24 million people. Worldwide it is estimated that two billion were glued to their screens for the event. It was decorous, romantic and enormously colourful, the processional routes to and from Westminster... more

Weddings and the Movies

Be honest, when you are planning your wedding, playing it through in your head, do you see it like a film? No wonder. Movie weddings have been hugely influential over the years: looks, what to do, even things you’d prefer not to happen.

Directors, like novelists, love them... more

The Silk and Satin Symbol - the Wedding Dress

In the days and even weeks preceding the wedding of Prince William and the then Kate Middleton, gossip, speculation and press attention focussed not on matters constitutional nor romantic, but on ‘the dress’. The same had been true for the wedding 30 years previously of William’s parents, Charles and... more

Wedding Superstitions

Hands up anyone who is neither nervous nor superstitious about their wedding. Thought not.
More than any of life’s other milestones weddings are drenched in superstition.
Let’s work our way through the day. Or rather, let’s start before the big day with not wearing the full bridal outfit and certainly... more

Making Your Wedding Special

Everyone hopes to make their wedding day special. And special in the right way – Lorna Doone being shot at hers a classic (fictional) instance of the wrong way if ever there was one.
Some of us go a little further than making sure the cake arrives with the... more

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