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The Fine Art Wedding

You’ll come across the label ‘Fine Art Wedding’ quite a lot in wedding magazines, and especially in stuff by or about photographers. Indeed the term is most easily understood in relation to photography, though we feel there is a style of wedding that can be dubbed ‘fine art.’

Perhaps the easiest... more

Is there an engagement season?

We’re all pretty much aware that there is such a thing as ‘wedding season,’ the period that stretches from May to the end of August, or if you believe some people, the first week or so of September, when the best wedding venues are booked solid. But if you keep... more

Filming the Proposal

To be honest, we’re not entirely sure where we stand on what has become something of a trend over the last few years – though it’s a niche trend, if such a thing is possible. A lot of guys (and so far we’ve not come across any girls doing it)... more

Wedding Dates to Avoid?

You planned every detail except one. The food is perfect, the room looks fabulous. But you can’t help but notice that a lot of the tables are half empty. There were a few last minute call-offs, and since the celebrations started many of the guests have been camped in the... more

The Day before the Big One

What’s left for the Bride to Do?

You may imagine that the day before you marry you’ll feel at a bit of a loss. But it’s an important time, and one that can see you relaxed and ready to go on the day itself, or leave... more

5 Things That Will Make or Break Your Wedding

Getting married is every woman’s dream that begins in childhood. We have visions of the elegant white dress, the flowers, family and rice being thrown. When it comes to planning your actual wedding there are things that are not so dreamy. Here are the top five things that... more

True Life Wedding Tragedies

We’d guess about 99.99 per cent of weddings go off with only one hitch, as it were. But every now and then wedding-day tragedies do happen, some unavoidable, others down to poor judgement or even downright evil.

At the root of several recent such situations is the motor bike,... more

You’d rather not invite them, but...

Putting the guest list together is, as we’ve said before here, the toughest bit of planning a wedding.

Even with diplomatic skills worthy of a UN Secretary General you will almost inevitably fall out with someone over this, though it may take years for it all to come... more

Marrying Outdoors?

Fancy getting married outdoors? Looks great doesn’t it? But...

We’ve all seen American films and TV series where couples marry in the open air. Well, the weather in California and Florida is a bit more predictable (and clement) than ours. And the legal situation is a bit more accommodating... more

What is Britain’s Most Romantic Spot for Weddings?

A survey a couple of years ago by the website listed the top 10 romantic locations in Britain, at least according to the views of the 2000 polled. There were not really any surprises in what was included in the line-up, though it was interesting that the top three... more

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