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All Weddings Are an Adventure, but Some Go a Bit Further...

Getting married takes some courage, but the way certain couples choose to marry calls for rather more than the moral variety. ‘Adventure weddings’ fall into three categories – up in the air, under (and on) the water, and even under the ground.

A few years back every slow news day on... more

Wedding Crashers Nightmare

Most of us will have seen the Hollywood comedy Wedding Crashers – nice romcom (Vince Vaughn with his celebrated comedic range to the fore), but perhaps partly the explanation of why crashing weddings seems to have become more popular over recent years.

Or maybe we just notice with... more

Weirder Wedding Transport

At FBFW we probably tend to favour the traditional while tipping our hats towards the more creative. So when we think about wedding transport the first thing that pops into our heads would generally be a black or white Rolls Royce, Bentley or Daimler decked out with wedding ribbons and... more

Whirlwind romances: we met, then we married, then we...

David Barker proposed to Daphne Thorp four weeks after they met. That was in 1972. The Yorkshire couple married in 2014, after a 42-year engagement. That’s rather too long most of us would reckon. But at the other end of the scale, can we work out if and when short... more

Weird wedding laws (and lawlessness)

Cards on the table, this was researched from the net, so please don’t take every word as fact. It’s really (mainly) just an excuse to poke fun at foreigners. Some of these are probably nonsense, laws superseded by new ones (politicians love the glory of bringing in new acts, but... more

Nightmare Wedding Guests

As if finalising your guest list isn’t enough of a problem (if you’re not there yet, trust us), with some left out resenting it forever, and others you include making you wish you hadn’t. There may have been a wedding where every guest behaved impeccably, but we’ve never actually witnessed... more

The Weirder and Worrying Side of Wedding Cakes

At most weddings there’s a nice cake, it gets cut, some gets eaten, the rest is kept to send to absent friends, with a bit maybe put away for sentimental reasons by the happy couple. But not at all weddings. Things can and do go wrong – we hope a... more

Footballers, WAGs and Weddings

Our recent post about rock and roll weddings revealed that, perhaps contrary to expectations, most of them were actually quite tasteful and, well, tame. High-profile weddings of top footballers and their WAGs offer an equally mixed bag, with more than a few that are definitely not tame (or tasteful?).
... more

Rock Weddings – The Awful Truth

Let’s get it over with. The awfully disappointing truth about most rockstar weddings is that they are pretty normal. But doesn’t that make them interesting for not (unlike so much else in these people’s lives) being particularly interesting?

When Mick Jagger married Bianca in St Tropez in 1971... more

What Do We Learn from Politicians’ Weddings?

Weddings – clearly – say a lot about the couple involved. We thought it would be interesting to have a quick look at the nuptials of a few prominent politicians, present and past, to see if we can learn anything about them, and maybe their style. One big lesson here... more

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