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A Gatsby Wedding

The phrase ‘Gatsby Wedding’ is one that regularly turns up in magazines and on websites to indicate something not just from the Twenties, but the Roaring Twenties. The Jazz Age.

To hold a Gatsby Wedding (though the only one we encounter in the story is through oblique reference to... more

Weddings and Charity

Without wishing to be too pious, it’s nice if the happiest day of your life can also bring a little happiness to others less fortunate. And we’re not talking about a gluttonous acquaintance pigging out at the reception.

This is a trend that has been growing in strength... more

It had to happen – the Groomzilla has arrived

The Bridezilla phenomenon has been around since... imagine Stone Age man being told off because he’s pulling his mate’s hair all wrong and that was not the cave destination she wanted. Now it appears that at last the Groomzilla is on the scene.

Except. Look at what... more

It’s a wedding Jim, but not as we know it

Clearly we love weddings, from big budget to the most intimate. But there are limits.

What real weddings have in common, at least in our perhaps narrow world-view, is that there’s a loving (and living) pair involved, or on very rare occasions a couple of couples combining for... more

Such a Dull Wedding, it Took Forever!

Having fallen asleep in a one-on-one meeting with my old boss it’s no surprise that I’ve also dozed off at more than one dull wedding (both at a ceremony and a reception). But it really should be shocking. This is no mea culpa, it’s more a they-a culpa for ending... more

Doing it Disney-style

If anyone reading this grew up without Disney as a major early influence, we’d be pretty surprised. Yes it’s a vast corporation, but that is thanks in no small part to its romantic, fairytale heart. Disney is as important to our cultural make up as Shakespeare, maybe moreso as it’s... more

Bring Back the Romance

t’s a rare wedding that has zero romance, but then again very few are full on romantic. To help you build the magic into yours we thought a few suggestions may be useful. Actually there should be romance from the start of your relationship, and certainly in the proposal –... more

Wedding Shocks

We love weddings and have experienced plenty and then some. There are elements of certain weddings, however, that still manage to shock us.

It’s not just the obvious stuff either, like the apparently somewhere between £7 million and £12 million depending on whom you believe spent on hitching Tamara... more

The Etiquette of Social Media and Weddings

The way we communicate has changed enormously over the last 10 years or so, with routes like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram making it easier to stay in touch pretty much all the time, even at weddings. This has happened so rapidly that social niceties regarding the way to do it... more

On Trend or Classic – What 2015 May Bring in Wedding Style

Over the last few years we’ve had numerous trends added to the wedding scene. Or are they more options than trends, as none has dominated the media, and several seem here to stay? Yet all the while, alongside Boho and Country, Victorian and Eclectic, the traditional ‘classic’ wedding has held... more

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