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When Weddings Get Kinky

Is it just us, or is there a bit of a trend to make weddings sexier? – and not just in the looking better and more interesting sense. Sadly along with the good ideas and the fun ideas there are some very bad fails. Either way, it’s got to be... more

Strange Proposals

Elsewhere on this blog we’ve looked at the general rules of the game for proposals, and at the more specific topic of proposing on Valentine’s Day. This time we thought it would be interesting to look at some of the weird and wacky ways men (and yes they were all... more

How Magnificent a Venue Can You Get?

Recently there’s been a new trend with celebrity weddings, or maybe an old one revived, and that’s the use of megadociously magnificent ‘destination’ venues.

The bash that prompted this thought was the union of George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin, who with the minimum of showbiz fuss – just... more

The Victorian Bride – then and now

The phrase ‘Victorian-style’ is often used by designers and planners, and not always accurately. It’s employed frequently because there’s an air of romance about the Victorian era that contemporary brides like to access. There are, however, aspects of Victorian nuptial celebrations that really don’t fit nowadays – not least the... more

The Wonderful World of Wedding Cake Toppers

They’re one step above being the icing on the cake, but who’d have thought cake toppers could be so weirdly fascinating? The world – the wonderful world – of cake toppers has moved on more than a little from the one-size-fits-all bride in white dress and groom in wedding suit... more

To Die for Gay Celeb Weddings

Everybody loves a stylish wedding, and some of the most stylish we’ve seen in the last few years have been gay celebrities tying the knot. OK so it’s a cliché about gay people having more style, but like most clichés there’s a lot of truth in it. Add some Hollywood... more

All You Need to Know About Wedding Favours

Favours have become, or so it seems, a must in contemporary weddings. For the uninitiated, they are the small gifts that are given to everyone who attends a wedding.
If you think this is a new fangled idea, however, you’d be very wrong. Rather it’s an ancient tradition once... more

Being a Best Man?

We’ve covered the duties of the Best Man in a previous post here, and given some pointers about making that speech, but thought it worth a brief look at what the experience actually is, or can be, like.

First and foremost you really should take being asked as a... more

Bumps in the Road

Bumps in the Road – Don’t Let Planning Ruin Your Relationship

Yes your wedding day is one of the biggest in your life, but don’t let planning for it ruin your relationship. Can’t happen? We know a bride who spent every spare moment for nearly two years from the... more

The Sophisticated Wedding

Wedding style is personal, from your tastes, your experience, and yes the depth of your (or your parents’) pockets. A look many aspire to comes under the broad umbrella term ‘the sophisticated wedding.’ Easy to say, hard to define.

It may be easier to say what is not sophisticated:... more

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