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All You Need to Know About Wedding Favours

Favours have become, or so it seems, a must in contemporary weddings. For the uninitiated, they are the small gifts that are given to everyone who attends a wedding.
If you think this is a new fangled idea, however, you’d be very wrong. Rather it’s an ancient tradition once dropped... more

Being a Best Man?

We’ve covered the duties of the Best Man in a previous post here, and given some pointers about making that speech, but thought it worth a brief look at what the experience actually is, or can be, like.

First and foremost you really should take being asked as a... more

Bumps in the Road

Bumps in the Road – Don’t Let Planning Ruin Your Relationship

Yes your wedding day is one of the biggest in your life, but don’t let planning for it ruin your relationship. Can’t happen? We know a bride who spent every spare moment for nearly two years from the... more

The Sophisticated Wedding

Wedding style is personal, from your tastes, your experience, and yes the depth of your (or your parents’) pockets. A look many aspire to comes under the broad umbrella term ‘the sophisticated wedding.’ Easy to say, hard to define.

It may be easier to say what is not sophisticated:... more

What It’s Like Being a Bridesmaid

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. From all the stories you hear, that could get very tired very fast.

It’s a big honour being asked, but for adult bridesmaids it can also be a chore, so brides need to ensure they’re not imposing on casual friendships, and bridesmaids... more

Back to Nature

Some couples want their big day to be a blitz of bling, spend and glittery indulgence, and good luck to them. Others seek a calmer style that doesn’t cost the earth – maybe scared by witnessing an event of the former type. They want it all to be more natural.more

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Tips for Worriers

Unless you’re just starting your planning, and have never spoken to anyone who’s been through the process before you, you know it’s complicated. There are innumerable elements to arrange, so if you’re nervous or one of life’s pessimists, the thought may arise that things can go awry. So how can... more

Colourful Weddings if White’s not Your Thing

We love classic white weddings, but there’s a lot to be said for splashing some colour around on what should be the best and brightest day of your life. So here are a few ideas for doing just that, and some fascinating wedding folk lore concerned with colours.
The whole... more

You’re a Bridezilla if....

Any readers who think being referred to as a Bridezilla is cool should consider the origin of the term – a union of the words bride and Godzilla, the 1950s movie monster famed for destroying cities.

If you find yourself drifting in that direction, it’s time to take... more

Marriage Isn’t Trivial – but Marriage Trivia Is

Along with information and tips we hope to offer surprises and fun. This post fits into the latter area with numbers that could cause a raised (plucked) eyebrow, and some wedding facts to bring a giggle.

First some figures courtesy of the fun-loving people at the Office of... more

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