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Churches for Weddings

For some there is no substitute for a church wedding, with the wealth of history and so many cultural associations that such an event brings. Indeed if asked to imagine the archetypal British wedding few would differ from the vision of a pretty bride in white dress, husband and groomsman in tails, and a beautiful old church for the ceremony.

We have some magnificent churches in this country: venerable Saxon structures dating back a millennium; Norman buildings with their graceful arches; the dramatic English gothic style of vaulted roofs and soaring spires; the inevitable elegance of Georgian design; down to more modern buildings which bring their drama too.

There is a special dignity in a church ceremony that is hard, perhaps impossible for other places to match. A sense of occasion too for one of the great milestones in our lives. Light streaming through stained-glass windows bringing a touch of the ethereal; the decorum and civility of ushers keeping clans apart; hymn-singing that stills the nerve of even the palest-faced groom; and the magical moment of the bride's arrival.

We list a multitude of churches in these pages, and hope as you browse you take a moment to daydream about your dream day in one of them.