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83 Golf Club Venues

It is most definitely not just dedicated golfers who should think about opting for a golf club as their wedding venue. Take the practical side of things for a start - your guests will generally find the club clearly signposted; it's unlikely parking will be a squeeze; they're well used to handling large gatherings with catering to match; and you have no shortage of the great outdoors for the photography - weather permitting - along with fine facilities inside (not least, in most cases, the excellent and well-stocked bar or bars!). But golf clubs have the right feel to them too, welcoming and friendly places where people go to enjoy themselves; and with, dare we say it, a touch of class about them, whether they've been established for a century or more with a cosily enveloping atmosphere of stability, or are more recent creations designed with all mod-cons to meet the expectations of a very demanding clientele - like you.