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The market town of Lockerbie has been hosting a celebrated tryst since the 17th century, though not perhaps the sort that readers of this site would be most concerned with – it’s another name for the historic lamb fair that drew – and draws - English farmers and stock buyers over the border. ..Show More

Beautiful and peaceful agricultural land here is dotted with the fine country homes of the Scottish aristocracy and gentry, mostly built after the Union when events like the nearby Battle of Dryfe Sands – the bloody culmination of a clan feud – were long past. Much of this little Annandale town, like its rather quaint squat church of All Saints, is in red stone, with buildings of the 18th century when the town developed rapidly as a coaching place and the 19th when the railway age brought further prosperity. It is another mode of transport that some inevitably associate with the town now, Lockerbie’s recovery from the events of December 21 1988 a lesson in character and determination to the rest of the country, so that it is the natural beauty of the surrounds and the quiet, rather genteel atmosphere of the town that stay with anyone who has the pleasure of visiting it now. ..Show Less

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