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287 Waterside Venues

It's no surprise that homes by the waterside sell at a premium. By the same logic, it's no surprise that wedding venues by the sea, on a lake, or fronting a river, should feel special too.

On one level that's explained by the atmosphere and beauty that water adds to a scene – a shimmering lake stretching before you; the sea lapping gently at the shore; a timeless river flowing peacefully by. But there is something more to this, perhaps some innate feeling that we should be near water, whether that be for the route it once offered and offers still for travellers; or more fundamentally knowing water is vital to all life.

Side-stepping the psychology, there are some excellent practical reasons for choosing waterside venues: most obviously any photographer worth his or her salt will revel in the background it offers; less evident but true nonetheless, there is something truly invigorating in a stroll by the water, no bad resource to quell wedding nerves beforehand, and to clear the head afterwards. But, in the end, it’s probably the indefinable spiritual element that may sway your choice. That and the fact that so many of the best (and poshest!) venues just happen to be by the waterside.